About Amy

About Amy Blair

Amy-1Amy’s life has been filled with a love of art from her childhood. She immersed herself in the world of visual arts as a student at the University of Windsor and Fanshawe College. Her education in the liberal fine arts includes drawing, oil painting, art history, sculpture and framing. As a keen artist herself, she learned that framing can ‘make or break’ treasured artwork. Amy honed her framing skills on her own work and that of friends and acquaintances. She discovered that she had a passion and flair for the textures, tones and colours that will ultimately enhance your framed pieces of art.

Care Taken in Framing Your Treasures

The craft of framing treasured objects also demands knowledge and skills in the proper conservation techniques to prevent warping, fading, tearing or any other forms of art deterioration. Amy can provide technical and aesthetic information to suit your unique situation and style. Whether you are looking for something hot and trendy, classic and timeless or just plain fun, Amy can create it just for you!

Why Amy Created ‘The Gilded Corner’

Amy began her business “The Gilded Corner” so clients may confidently tap into her artistic and creative skills for the all important framing of their treasured pieces of art, photography or nostalgic objects.

To date, Amy has designed frames for original artwork, limited edition prints, children’s art, photographic portraits, needlework, and object boxes such as sports jerseys, military medals, christening dresses, and a beloved pet’s memorabilia. She sees no limit to framing anything you can dream of hanging on your walls.

Family is #1 in Amy’s Lifestyle

The interior of the Gilded CornerAmy’s love of family is a touchstone of her life.  She and her husband Steven have four daughters with busy schedules.  She relocated her business from downtown Smiths Falls to her home, so she has more quality family time.

Throughout the website you will see photographs of her girls with their art treasures lovingly framed by their talented mother.  Amy’s caring and artistic nature benefits all her clients as she turns their family treasures into stunning pieces of art for their homes.