Antique Frames, Windows & Mirrors

Antique frames and windows can add a shabby chic look to any room. I can show you many creative ways of using photos, paintings or mirrors in these unique old treasures that we often come across.

Custom Mirrors

When I think of a mirror, the first thing to pop into my mind is the one over my bathroom sink (which often needs a cleaning). It serves a purpose – but let’s face it (ha, ha) the only people that see/use that mirror are you and your family

On the other hand, a whole new world of decorating possibilities come alive with beautiful custom framed mirrors.   Let decor mirrors ‘open up’ a room and, if you’ll pardon the pun, ‘reflect’ your personal style.

Mirrors can even be stenciled with sayings or quotations to complete your home decor.

This turquoise beauty is a lucky yard sale find. It became a dynamic accent piece in my front entrance. I also stenciled lettering on the mirror for an added punch.

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