Frequently Asked Questions

Conservation framing means that your framer will use only high-quality materials designed to protect paper artwork and special techniques above and beyond ordinary framing to help preserve the artwork. In conservation framing, no materials or techniques are used that cannot be reversed, leaving the art undamaged and in its original state.

*Original artwork
*Valuable collector prints
*Treasured family photographs
*Photographs and/or documents with historical value
*Important family documents and mementos

It is up to you to make the final decision about conservation framing. There is no arbitrary figure or value that magically means your item should be framed this way. As a general rule any original art or any item of either sentimental or historic value should be protected.

Matboards – All the matboards used at Gilded Corner are acid free. Huge selection of colours and textures (denims, suedes, linens)

Mouldings – Wood, shadow box, floaters, rustic, traditional, classic, bright and modern.

Metal – newest selection of bright colours.

Glass – non-glare, UV, museum and regular framer’s glass

Encapsulation is a process to preserve old newspapers, vintage sheet music or any aging paper art. The piece is enclosed within 2 sheets of acid free polyester film (mylar). The static keeps the piece in place between the 2 sheets so it can be easily framed with no tapes or glues.

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