Artwork, Prints & Photographs

So many wonderful things fit into this category. It can range from our funky family snapshots to high quality limited edition prints or professional portraiture. Posters, certificates and diplomas are also included.

Prints & Photographs

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Photography can be handled several ways. Consider a larger wall sized image accented with a dynamic frame. Or choose to have a custom mat cut, that includes a collection of several smaller images in one frame.

“When these pieces make our hearts soar – they are worthy of “TLC” to guarantee special treatment. You’ll want to preserve and enjoy them for years to come.”

Posters and prints will look impressive with a coordinated mat and frame. A contemporary or minimalist look, will be achieved by dry-mounting with a simple frame to suit your style.

Paintings & Drawings

Artwork is created in so many ways – it’s amazing to see. These creations can happen on paper, canvas or an actual object. The kinds of mediums used by artists include pencils, pastels, inks, and charcoal. Paints can be oil, acrylic or watercolour. Mixed media is quite dynamic with many techniques and tools used.

“I find it exciting to work with original artwork that my clients bring to me. Fulfilling their desire for beauty in their home or office space is what sparks my creative energy.”

Each and every one of these forms of wall art is valuable. I treat them with great care; they are one of a kind and deserve my ‘TLC’. I also recommend Conservation Framing to ultimately preserve them for years and years of enjoyment.

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Children's Art

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It could be a homemade Mother’s Day card, or a toddler’s first doodle. Perhaps a child’s art project earned an award at a local fair. Maybe it was created just for you. Whatever the reason, this special piece will have a story to tell for years and years.

“This is such a great way to add personal art to your home. It also honours a special child in your life.”

Children’s art lends itself to several different ways of framing. Often the aim is a playful and colourful approach to match a bedroom theme for the child. Alternatively I love doing a more classic approach with subtle neutral tones that add a unique accent to a living room.

Their artwork can also be included with other memorabilia to tell the story of a child’s early years or passions.

Look over the gallery images below and savour a taste of what’s possible for you.

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