Prints & Photographs

Prints and Photographs

We all have other treasured pieces that hold a very special place in our hearts and souls.

Such items as personal photos, limited edition prints, posters, or diplomas/degrees fall into this large category and they all need special care in framing for long term preservation.

Come to The Gilded Corner with these treasures in hand and we can get creative and explore the options to showcase these piece in your space.



My daughter Brittany is an keen equestrian.  She fell in love with a horse themed print from one of The Gilded Corner catalogues.  She wanted her print finished in a complimentary moulding. So it was dry mounted to allow for standard framing.  With her passion for horses, this is definitely the favourite piece of artwork in her bedroom.


Snapshots may look great enlarged and framed  for an oversized wall or we can have a mat cut with several openings for  multiple snapshots in one frame, like a collage.

Posters can look more impressive with matting and a frame or dry-mounted and framed for a modern look.

Conservation framing can also be taken into consideration when limited edition prints or diplomas are to be framed.