Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes


Memory boxes, object boxes or shadow boxes – they go by many names.

Dig into your families treasure chest and pull out dad’s military medals, grandma’s lace tablecloth or your brother’s old baseball glove.

Any item near and dear to someone’s heart can be framed into the greatest gift.


This christening gown was made from my mother’s wedding gown.  My sister made this miniature replica for her daughter. The memory box that I created with the gown and photographs of my niece in her gown and my mother in her wedding dress tell a unique family story.  The piece is protected for years to come with conservation techniques that will safeguard this family treasure.




My grandmother was an avid gardener with a green thumb and a love of roses.When she passed away I went to visit her garden before her house was sold.  Amazingly there was one last rose blooming!  I cut the rose and dried it upside down to keep it’s fullness. Then I gathered together a treasured photo of her as well as her favourite pair of gardening gloves and a poem that brought back fond memories.  This shadow box hangs is a place of honour in my home.



Every memory box has a story to tell

I’d be honoured to help you tell yours