It's not ALL about Amy

The love of all things ‘artsy’ began when I was a young girl.

Each of my parents nurtured this in me.

My mother was a keen leader in the Girl Guide organization. She inspired me as a Brownie and Guide to develop the creativity needed to earn badges and build nature projects. My father was equally keen about woodworking. I hung around his workshop, watching and breathing in the scent of fresh cut wood. As early as Grade 1, I was helping him build and work with wood.

The "Why" Behind Creating Gilded Corner

Visual arts and the liberal arts were my focus after high school at the University of Windsor and Fanshawe College. As an artist I soon realized the huge importance of ‘framing’ for artwork. It could ‘make or break’ the appeal a piece of art. That’s when the hours of working with my father turned me on to the art of framing.

I discovered my passion and flair for the artistry of combining textures, tones and colours in framing to give the ‘final polish’ to artwork of all kinds. In 2007, I created “Gilded Corner” as a studio to serve clients who appreciated my artistic framing style for their treasured pieces.

"The love of vibrant colour and nature is what ‘frames’ my world every day in my home and studio. My gardens will welcome you into my studio where art and heart come together for you and the beauty of your special treasures."
Amy Blair
Custom Framing Artist

For many years I balanced running my business and a busy family. With my husband, Steven and our four daughters, life was busy and bustling. My loyal clients and loving family made my life full. Today, these four young women are going to university.

And now, it’s time for me to refocus on Gilded Corner. My aim is to develop new innovative ideas to serve my clients in more varied ways. I’m excited about new projects for my clients and myself. Together we can create something truly special.

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